Roasted peppers filled with eggs and feta cheese

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  • Serving: 4
  • Prep time: 20 m
  • Cook time: 20 m
  • Ready in: 40 m
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This dish always reminds me of the carefree, hot summer days from my childhood. I remember my mother cooking this meal so often  for lunch. Here summer is the peak season for peppers and tomatoes, so we would have plenty of those in our vegetable garden, so this meal made with the freshly picked peppers and eggs from our chickens always made the taste of it incredible. To this day when I sense the smell of roasted peppers get the nostalgic feeling about this dish and start craving it. For me it is the taste of summer with it’s simplicity and refreshing qualities.


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  • Sauce
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505 per 100 grams
Total Fat
1 g
350 mg
130 mg
752 mg
Total Carbohydrate
10.8 g
17.5 g
Vitamin A
Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Vitamin B-6
* percent daily value

Step by step method


The first step is to roast the peppers. This step is the most time consuming, but roasting the peppers makes them more flavorful. Heat up a pan on high heat and put the peppers to roast them. The peppers are ready when they are nicely charred all around. When done put them in a bowl or a container with a lid and leave them for a few minutes to steam. This is important as it makes the next step easier.


Peeling the the roasted peppers. This is very straight forward step, also might be a bit tedious, but you don’t want to have those annoying skin parts in the dish that would ruin your perfect bite. So gather your patience and do it! When peeling the peppers try not to rip them, as filling them afterwords would be tricky. However don’t worry if you do.


In a bowl crack your eggs and mix them well with a fork or a whisk. Then crumble with your fingers or if you don’t what to get messy with a fork the feta cheese and add it to the eggs. To this mix you might add some black pepper, and dried basil. However be very careful if you’re adding salt as feta cheese is a very salty cheese and you risk making your dish very salty.


Fill the peppers with the egg mixture. Using a spoon fill each pepper and place it in a pre oiled pan. If you have some mixture leftover after filling all the peppers, just pour it over them. There would be spilled mixture from the peppers anyway, esp from those ripped ones that you might have when peeling them.


When your peppers are all in the pan put them in the oven to cook for 25 min at 200 degrees. The dish is ready when the eggs are cooked through and you have a nice golden color on top. If you see that your dish is catching color too quickly but the eggs are not ready cover with foil.


Making the sauce. In a saucepan pour the tomato juice. Add basil, olive oil, sugar and salt and black pepper to taste. Cook on medium heat to thicken the juice and make a nice thick sauce. To quicken the process you can add 1 tsp of flour mixed in a bit of hot water.

Tips & variations

  • For roasting the peppers instead of doing it in a pan on the hob, you can do this in the oven as well but you have to check on them very often so that you don't burn them.

  • For the tomato sauce you can make one with fresh tomatoes from scratch or get an even lazier option of getting a store bought tomato sauce.

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